my parents and siblings

My father was Willem Koelewijn, born in Enschede.
My mother was Elisabeth Catharina Feitsma.

This photo shows them with RoseMarie, the firstborn.

They found each other when my mother toured with a singing trio through The Netherlands and so visited the town of Enschede.

The story is that my grandma made the decision: “That girl is good for you Willem”. So if you read this and think that arranged marriages only happen in Africa or Asia… HA!

When they married they settled in Den-Helder where me, and most of my siblings are born. My dad was working at the Dutch Marine ship-yard there.

Rosemarie is firstborn,
followed by Frank,
followed by Peter,
followed by Rob,
followed by Francisca,
Followed by Rob,
followed by José,
followed by me, Cor,
followed by André.
Yes we are 8 children!
In this picture we are all sitting on the staircase in our home in Lisse. Only André, the youngest is missing here.

My mum died due to cancer to her liver when our firstborn was just a few months old in 1994. My dad died much later in 2019 at the rich age of 91.

Shortly after my mum died my sister Francisca also passed due to cancer. A little while later our son Francis was born. Yes he was named after her. Cisca was a beautiful person in my eyes. An example to be followed as to how a Christian should live.